It’s been two years that SMA St. Maria 1 build a relationship with AIESEC in the form of accepting and allowing its members, that are from various countries, to go into the classes and communicate with the students, especially the 12th graders. In their visits, they introduced the organization and delivered some presentation about their […]

Revolutionizing Indonesia’s Education System

By Jimmy (XII IPS-2) The 2nd winner of the National Essay Writing Contest   Indonesia has been reported to be doing well in economy and to have achieve many academic rewards and medals. However, despite the achievements, according to Human Development Report 2016 by UNDP, Indonesia occupies the position of 113 of 188 countries in […]

Teachers as the Power to Transform Our Education

By Eva Cipta Mega (XII IPA-1) The 1st Winner of the National Essay Writing Contest   In the process of building a nation, there are many aspects that should be improved such as economy, social welfare, the ethics of working of the government and the citizen, national security, as well as education, a very important […]